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Water Purifier
Water Purifier

Water Purifier

Product Detail


Tabletop POU hot & cold Mini Bar Water Dispenser

Micro-computer control and smart programmable setting

Compact design – 36 cm height
TFT LCD in greater color vibrancy and clarify
Colorful panels can be easily changed
Frame structure, easy to maintain and repair
Sealed hot & cold water tanks
Adjust water quantity and  temperature freely
Filter replacement indicator
Optional UV lamp

With 1-touch dispensing, auto dispensing and re-boil options
Sleep Mode option

Child safety Switch

Technology Parameters

Heating power: 1500W
Cooling power: 120W
Heating capacity: 15L/h ≥ 90℃
Cooling capacity: 5L/h ≤10℃
Cooling intake quantity: R134/51g
Inlet pressure: 1.5
Packing dimension: 360x415x390(mm)

Loading Quantity:(20’/40’/40H:

420/960/1050 sets

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