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Anwoll is specialized in kitchen equipment, with all efforts we made to improve your living experience about kitchenware, we are revolutionizing your kitchen with our compact, quiet, multi-power waste food disposer that helps you to elimate the worry that you leave the food overnight, we bring you easy life. At same time, we have multi-drink beverage bars that transform your basic tap into an unlimited supply of pure, great-tasting, environmentally friendly water. And with one-touch, you can instantly enjoy endless hot, chilled and sparkling beverages in seconds. Anwoll provides worry free product to America. 

We’re committed to delivering intelligent, eco-smart drinking solutions that protect the environment and your health. By purifying water that comes straight from your tap, Anwoll eliminates the need for store bought bottles, reducing plastic waste as well as the oil and energy used to create, transport and recycle plastic bottles. Plus, our advanced purification technologies ensure our customers are drinking the safest and cleanest water available, free from harmful bacteria and chemicals. You’ll taste the difference in every sip you take and in every drink you make.